I've bought an MK-V Omega Revolution

I've added an MK-V Omega Revolution system to my kit.

The rig allows my existing Steadicam to roll from high mode to low mode in one smooth move via the addition of a cage on top of the rig. The camera is inserted into the cage and with in an inbuilt sensor system the rig auto levels the camera. It allows me to perform very dynamic moves in one and removes the need to convert from high to low mode in between shots.

The monitor on the rig is now modified so that it always stays upright as the rig is rolling. This is a truly remarkable piece of kit that is being used on major features such as Iron Man 2, Harry Potter, Conan the Barbarian etc.

In addition to that it can be mounted on a standard head to add a 360° roll axis to any shot. Via a remote control unit, the DoP or director can control the roll as and when they wish, or as an operator I can do it myself.

Get in touch if you're interested to know more or look at my site here.

Source: www.mk-v.com/omega