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James is incredibly hard working, talented and professional, and in my 12 years experience in this industry, I can honestly say it’s my opinion he’s one of the best in his field...

Both professionally and personally I could not have better things to say about him as a teammate and a person. James has a wonderful personality that never waivers over the incredibly long hours on set and an inherent understanding of the needs of actors...

I cannot recommend James more highly and I look forward to the opportunity to work with him again in the future.
— LONDON FIELDS, Amber Heard - Lead Actress

Diana begins on the night of its subject’s death. The opening shot, a complex and elegant Steadicam take, starts on a crowd of paparazzi waiting in the street, then crosses a hotel balcony into a luxury suite.
— DIANA, AV Club

The brooding opening sequence set in the Ritz in Paris in 1997 on the night of her death is brilliantly shot.
— DIANA, Independent UK

James shows exceptional skills in operating even during extremely difficult tasks. Furthermore, he proved to be brilliant at framing the shots in the most beautiful way.

Anybody in the film business knows that this combination of technical bravura and the artistic eye is extremely rare and hard to find. James is an absolute exception. He is a true gem in this field.
— DIANA, Oliver Hirschbiegel - Director

Rise is very well shot with some great shots of Manchester during the episode’s driving scenes...

...every shot was timed and storyboarded perfectly so we had everything worked out beforehand. We had an incredible steadicam operator who really put everything into the shoot...
— JAMIE CULLUM - EVERYTHING YOU DIDN'T DO, Alexander Brown - Director