I am a London based A / B camera operator, Steadicam operator and MK-V AR Omega Revolution operator with progressively more work as a Director of Photography.

After working for The Oil Factory music video production company as an in-house runner I moved in to the camera department as a camera trainee working for my father, Vernon Layton BSC, and George and Chunky Richmond.

I trained in steadicam with it's inventor, Garrett Brown, and his associate, Jerry Holway.

After working primarily as a Steadicam operator I joined PrinceStone in London and began to take on more roles as B camera, and then A camera operator.

I have shot feature films with actors such as Johnny Depp, Amber Heard, Billy Bob Thornton, James Franco, Kate Hudson and Naomi Watts.

I am a full member of the ACO (Association of Camera Operators) and the GBCT (Guild of British Camera Technicians).