MK-V AR Omega

The new MK-V AR Omega rig is a revolutionary system developed from the original MK-V AR. The AR gives the Steadicam the ability to rotate from high to low mode and back in one move, thereby opening up a huge amount of possibilities for directors and DoP's to get highly dynamic shots.

Here is a demo of what the AR can do...

The AR can be used in conjunction with a Steadiseg (adapted Segway), rickshaw or tracking vehicle, as per standard Steadicam systems. It opens up a whole new potential for sequences that have previously been restricted to either high mode or low mode and allows for huge dynamism in shots.


MK-V AR Omega on a head

The MK-V AR Omega can be mounted to a standard fluid or geared head to add a roll axis allowing the camera to be rotated through 360° in as little as one second. A remote control unit can be given to the DoP or Director should they wish to rotate the camera at a specific moment. Roll rates are programmable.

The new advanced electronics on the MK-V AR Omega Revolution are contained within the unit allowing it to be fitted to either a Steadicam or to an existing fluid / geared head or a crane or jib.